Data model


Attribute Type Comment Mandatory* Default Value
id UUID     uuid()
last_modified Timestamp server timestamp    
url URL valid (RFC) YES  
preview URL feature image URL    
title String(1024) 1 character min. YES  
resolved_url URL after potential redirections   url
resolved_title String(1024) extracted from target page   title
excerpt Text first 200 words of the article   empty text
archived Boolean     false
favorite Boolean     false
is_article Boolean false if no textual content   true
word_count Integer     null
unread Boolean     true
added_by Device device name (cf. issue #23) YES  
added_on Timestamp device timestamp   server time
stored_on Timestamp server timestamp   server time
marked_read_by Device device name (cf. issue #23)   null
marked_read_on Timestamp device timestamp   null
read_position Integer Words read from the beginning   0

Mandatory : The field has to be provided on creation.